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Ready to create change in your life?

Interactive and Creative Hypnotherapy


Enhance self-esteem, inner child work, past-life regression therapy, weight loss, stop smoking and more…

This is an extremely powerful session that uses the ‘hypnotic state’ to establish a dialogue with the subconscious mind (controls around 95% of our brain activity) and create instant long-lasting, beneficial and empowering changes.

1.5-2 hrs/session

Reiki Treatment and Chakra Balancing


Relaxation, boost the body’s natural healing abilities, improve sleep, stress reduction and more…

Reiki is a form of energy (life-force) healing originated in Japan. This session focuses on clearing energy-center blockages that may lead to emotional, spiritual, and physical ailments. Reiki helps in attaining balance and harmony to speed up the healing process.

1-1.5 hrs/session

NLP, Time Line Therapy, Intuitive Life Coaching, Counselling


Letting go of negative thinking, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, and inner conflict. Goal-setting and goal-getting

This includes the conscious use of language in re-programming thoughts and behaviors to transform lives. Combined with compassionate listening, this coaching session also provides Intuitive Oracle Card Reading for additional guidance and clarity to clients as they work on themselves and their life goals.

1-1.5 hrs/session

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The cost per session is anywhere between 50-100 USD depending on what you can truly afford as an 'energy exchange'. It is highly recommended that one completes three sessions.