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Life Coaching/


1500 Baht*

60 minutes

Trancepersonal Hypnotherapy (Deep Session)

 2000 Baht*

60 - 90 minutes


Therapeutic Yoga

500 Baht*

60 minutes

Past-Life Regression

3500 Baht*

90 -120 minutes

It is highly recommended to commit to at least 3 sessions with at least two weeks gap in between sessions.

* Discounted rate due to the COVID-19 pandemic

All sessions are currently done online. In-person sessions can be arranged upon request. An additional charge of 500 Baht on top of the session cost will be requested for transportation expenses.

  • Trancepersonal Deep Sessions include interventions such us Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)Tapping, Time-Line Therapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Soul-Retrieval, Entity Attachment Release, Inner-Child Healing.
  • Mental Health Coaching Sessions include Talk Therapy, Counselling, Mental Health Education/Consultation, and Self-Awareness Activities.



  • Soul-retrieval

  • Entity attachment release therapy

  • Healing the wounded inner child

  • Finding life's purpose and meaning

  • Finding your personal legend

  • Mind-Body-Spirit symptom relief

  • Re-connect with the Healer within you

  • Connecting and aligning with your higher purpose 

  • Understanding and moving through mental health symptoms including insomnia, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, suicide ideation, mood fluctuations and more...