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Meet Dr. Sarah

PhD in Mental Health Nursing

Hypnotherapist and Mental Wellness Coach

Having gone through my own “rock bottom” in life, I am grateful for the wonderful people I have met who helped me in my personal healing journey.


My life has changed for the better. I met joy, love, peace, healing, bliss and beauty…


As a gratitude to the Divine, I commit to helping others find meaning in their lives by providing a blissful, safe and accepting breathing space where one can experience inner transformation and discover the healer within.

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Online counselling

Specializations :

  • Soul-retrieval

  • Entity attachment release therapy

  • Healing the wounded inner child

  • Finding life's purpose and meaning

  • Finding your personal legend

  • Mind-Body-Spirit symptom relief

  • Re-connect with the Healer within you

  • Connecting and aligning with your higher purpose 

  • Understanding and moving through mental health symptoms including insomnia, depression, anxiety and panic attacks, suicide ideation, mood fluctuations and more...

A woman doing yoga

Training & Certifications

  • Reiki 

  • Aroma oil massage

  • Hand and foot reflexology

  • Caring for children with special needs

  • Advanced interactive and creative hypnotherapy

  • Neuro-linguistic programming

  • Time-line therapy

  • Coaching

  • Holistic nursing

  • Nursing research

  • Multi-style yoga teacher

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