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I liked everything about the session because I haven’t experienced such session in my entire life and I am thankful and blessed to have gotten an opportunity like this.

I had such a beautiful experience during the session. It overwhelmed me with the tears when I heard ajarn saying that you will celebrate your success in four months. Because during that time I was deprived of hopes and dreams and word like ‘success’ were long gone from my memory. The session has helped me rediscover who I actually am and what do I miss in my life at current situation. The session taught me that the peace comes from within not from outside. Therefore, I consider this session as a medicine that has helped the bird to fly initially poisoned at the wings. This session will remain as one of the hallmarks that has set me free. After the session I experienced freedom from my own mentally built prison and I have been prisoned for almost 5-6 years. The session (mainly ajarn) was a real life savior and the rescuer. I will always remain grateful and remember you in my life for being you ajarn. Thank you so much for the experience.

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