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Channeled Messages

The phrases below are what I call "channeled messages". These are phrases that I consider as coming "through" me rather than from me and so I call these "downloads". I usually get these when I am in trance (such as the moment I wake up or when I zone out, or during meditation).

As to what these mean, trust your own intuition/truth. Some may resonate with you, some may bring up triggers, and some may cause an emotional charge, in many cases, these phrases may bring inspiration and answers.

Triggers are Teachers
Coping is learning to live with your trauma. Healing is transmuting the trauma"
Consciously choose for yourself to experience a lockdown that be forced to be in a lockdown.
We learn more about ourselves in times of crisis than we ever do in times of peace.
The pandemic is a call to "purge" in our lives and in our selves what no longer serves us a purpose"
If given an opportunity, would you trade your life with someone else? Why? Why not?
Healing is the remembering of your true nature.
It is okay to say "No" without guilt.
In every man lives both the shadow and the light; both the good and evil; both love and fear.
We each live in our "mini world" and each "mini world" is a unique perspective and contribution to the collective consciousness"
Find the "external" within
Loving myself means living in alignment with my truth.
What is your invisible leash? The leash that holds you back from becoming your best version and living your Purpose.
Love yourself enough to have the course to shed off and dis-identify with what no longer serves you a purpose.
The events in our lives are holographic projections of our inner-worlds

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