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The newborn who needed a warm embrace...

This sharing is from a personal journal entry during one of my challenging times...


I am grateful to the universe for supporting me... for allowing Shaman Derek's talk to lift me up. He said

I want to do things not because I have to

I want to do things because I choose to because it gives me joy and I love to do it.

I find myself wanting to eject myself and run away from the hurt/pain after hearing about the favorite student.  I wanted to take my drugs (men, just randomly message men and just sink into the attention they are currently giving me).  I DO NOT WANT TO FEEL PAIN ... but wait I AM READY NOW, I CHOOSE TO FEEL IT AND BE WITH IT. This time I felt the SPACE between my trigger and my reaction/response.

Now I can take a pause , sink into that space, FOCUS ON ME and how I am feeling and address my needs with an affirmation, self-soothing techniques and Divine intervention.

I have a choice what to feel, think, and act... from a space of love.

I do not want the triggers but the appearance of triggers give me another chance to respond differently and make better choices.

P. S. It feels like a fire is starting inside me that is burning me and not others. How much I want to increase this fire and direct it to others because I am hurt and angry and I want to be heard (I want them to see my pain, I want them to know my pain, to be hurt the way I am hurting) ...... ...........and be loved and cared and comforted

But hurting others this way also hurts me... the greater the fire I create , the more pain I get.

I now run toward the hurt parts of me and give her a warm embrace... I AM HERE, I AM HERE...IT IS OKAY. I SEE YOU, YOU CAN RELAX , YOU CAN REST....and the fire dissipates, she is feeling safe now and comforted, she knows I am here. (I see myself like a newborn now being soothed by my own motherly care and love)

"I choose me, I am here for me, I love me, We are safe! "

I feel complete ❤️

-Sarah ❤️

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